What is my email address and username?


  • What is my new email address?
    Your email address will be your firstname.lastname.1234@mail.linnbenton.edu. For example, jane.doe.1789@mail.linnbenton.edu where 1789 is the last four digits of Jane's LBCC ID number (X number) or OSU ID number for DPP (Degree Partnership Program) students.

    Your first name will be your legal first name that you gave LBCC when you were admitted to the college. For example, William instead of Bill.

    If your name includes spaces or special characters such as hyphens or apostrophes, these have been removed. For example, Jo Anne O'Malley will have an id of joanne.omalley.1234@mail.linnbenton.edu.

  • What is my username?
    Your username is your full email address firstname.lastname.1234@mail.linnbenton.edu

  • Still not sure what your email address is?
    There is an easy way to verify it, just log onto WebRunner and click Personal Information, then Address, Phone, Text, and Email to view your email address.
  • What's my Initial LBCC Email password?
    Initially, your password is your 6 digit birth date (MMDDYY). On the initial login, Students will be required to accept the Google Terms of Use statement and change their password. Please note that your new password must be at least 8 characters long to adhere to Google's password policy. Once you change the inital password, it can never be your 6 digit birth date again.

  • Can I forward my LBCC Email account to another email provider?
    Yes. If you want to change or update your forwarding to another provider, you must do so in your Google account settings. Please see directions to forwarding your email for more information.

  • Still having problems getting logged in?
    Please give us a call at our new student help desk number: 541-917-4630 and we will be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have.

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