Driver Education

Driver Education

This course provides 30 hours of classroom instruction, 3 hours parent/student orientation and twelve hours behind-the-wheel training and observation.

Quick Facts:

  • Mandatory 30 hours classroom instruction, 3-hour parent/student orientation at first meeting and 12 hours behind-the-wheel training and observation. 
  • Required at registration: DRIVER PERMIT ALONG WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT and $259 fee. 
  • Fee for students age 18 and older $429.  Fee for students age 15-17 with a license $429. 
  • Completed packet may be returned within 24 hours after registration application.  To receive a refund class must be dropped 24 hours prior to start date. 
  • Students age 15-17 with a license (or will obtain a license prior to completion of the course): $429
  • Questions, call 917-4840
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