If a particular class is full, you may be put on a Wait List if one is available or if the Wait List is not full. Please be aware that you are charged tuition for a Wait List registration. You will not be charged if you have not been registered by the add deadline. Prior to the first day of class, students are moved from the Wait List to registered status as space becomes available. To find out whether you have achieved 'registered' status, you may view your registration status on the WebRunner (formerly SIS) or contact the instructor at the first class session.

During the Add period, an instructor can add you from the Wait List to the class by signing a Schedule Change form (also called an Add/Drop form), which you must then submit to Registration before the Add deadline. Late registrations are subject to a $25 fee.

Instructors may drop you from the Wait List if you do not attend the first day of the first class. If you are still on the Wait List on the last day of the Add period, you will be dropped from the Wait List and your tuition for that class will be refunded if a refund is due. Refunds are made after the Add/Drop period is over.

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