I can't log into my WebRunner account

To log into WebRunner (formerly SIS), you must have a user ID and a PIN.  If you are a new student, your WebRunner account will be created after you have applied to LBCC.

Your user ID is your student ID number.  If you have never logged into WebRunner, the default PIN is your date of birth in six digits; for example, if your birthdate is August 1, 1990, your default PIN will be 080190 or, MMDDYY.  Once you have logged in, WebRunner will ask you to change your PIN and set up a security question.  Our system doesn't record your PIN, so make sure you use something you will remember!

If you have used WebRunner before, your PIN is whatever you have changed it to.  If you can't remember what it is, you can enter your user ID, skip the PIN field and click on the "Forgot PIN?" button.  If you can answer your security question, WebRunner will let you in, and will ask you to change your PIN.

WebRunner will allow you to attempt to log in six times.  If you are unsuccessful six times, your account will be locked.  You will not be able to access WebRunner until you contact us and ask us to reenable your WebRunner account.  You can contact LBCC by phone to have your WebRunner account reenabled.

If you have forgotten your PIN, and cannot answer your security question, you will need to have your PIN reset.  You can go to any LBCC campus with photo ID to have your PIN reset.  If you are not able to come to a campus center, you can email LBCC from your LBCC email account to reset your pin to admissions@linnbenton.edu. We cannot reset your PIN over the phone.

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