Can I charge my books?

Can I use my financial aide to purchase books? 

Yes, many students can. Students who have already been awarded financial aid and have enough aid to cover their tuition and fees owed may have an available charge for their books and supplies at the LBCC Bookstore. This amount will be listed on each student’s WebRunner account.

  • Charges can only take place beginning the Monday prior to the term through the end of the first week
  • When your financial aid applies to your account, tuition, fees, and bookstore charges will be deducted from the refund amount that is sent to you

Example: Robby has been awarded the Pell grant for $1200 at full time status. He also has loans for another $1000 and he has already accepted and completed the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note. He is enrolled in 12 credits (full time) and owes $1092 for tuition and fees. Beginning the Monday before the term, Robby will have the following bookstore charge:  $2200 for total financial aid - $1092 owed = $1108 total bookstore charge.

If Robby charged nothing at the bookstore, he would receive $1108 in a refund on the date of disbursement. Anything he charges simply comes out of the refund he is later due. If he charges $500 for books, for instance, he will receive $608 when financial aid is disbursed.

Note: Your bookstore charge is dependent upon your enrollment level. Waitlisted classes will not count toward your enrollment level.

Should you want to buy books and supplies from somewhere other than the campus bookstore, stop by the Financial Aid Office to inquire about an Eldon Schafer loan.

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