Is it the same thing as Albany campus?

Benton Center in Corvallis has many wonderful things for students to offer and do not want students to be discouraged from coming to their center, especially if they are local or taking classes there or are local to Corvallis. The faculty at Benton center are driven to help students as much as possible and they have many resources as well that are very beneficial to student as well as very accomodating hours for students as well. Benton center is more than happy to accept and fax financial aid paperwork, answer questions about helping admissions/registering for courses, as well as have a wonderful bookstore, help with counseling, testing, tutoring, math and writing help, payment processing, and some advisors are able to meet with students on occasion as well. Benton center is approximately 80% of LBCC extended campus and are in no way inferior to any other branch of the college and want to make sure students know they as well as Lebanon, and Sweet Home have a lot to offer just like the Main campus.

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