Postbaccalaureate (Post-bac) Admission

NOTE: If you received a bachelor's degree from OSU and are not classified as an international student, you do not need to complete this application but can reactivate as a postbaccalaureate through the Registrar's Office by completing a Degree Partnership application.

  • Applicants must either be seeking a second bachelor's degree or pursuing an undergraduate certificate program. A Statement of Objectives of 150-250 words must accompany the application.
  • Applicants must submit a "Postbaccalaureate Student Agreement" with the application.
  • Applications are evaluated on all transferable course work completed on the first bachelor's degree, plus any subsequent course work.
  • Minimum grade point average required for admission consideration is 2.25 (International applicants: 2.25 in U.S. work, 3.00 in work abroad). Academic departments may apply additional requirements.
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