I didn't receive a bill so I didn't know my balance was due. Why do I have late fees?

LBCC - You are responsible for full payment of all charges on your account by the due date whether or not you receive a bill. You may obtain your balance due and the payment due dates by either calling the touch-tone registration system at 541-917-4991, on the Web at http://www.linnbenton.edu/go/webrunner, or by calling the LBCC Business Office at 541-917-4312. You also need to keep LBCC informed of address changes by contacting the Registration office at 541-917-4821.

OSU - Monthly statements sent electronically. If there appears to be an error on your monthly statement, refer to the OSU Registration handbook under  "How to Handle an Error in Billing" for specific directions. If the question has to do with residency, contact the Office of Admissions, 104 Kerr Administration Building. If the question has to do with housing, contact the Housing and Dining Office, 140 Arnold Center. If the question has to do with financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office, 218 Kerr Administration Building. For other billing errors, contact Business Affairs Student Accounts, 100 Kerr Administration Building.

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