How do I know who my LBCC and OSU advisors are and how do I get in touch with them?

Each term LBCC and OSU publish separate Schedules of Classes. For LBCC, this includes a list of advisors for each program along with their office location and phone number, The OSU list includes the head advisors for each college and for the University Exploratory Studies Program (for students who have not declared a major) along with their office location and phone number. You will need to call the advisor/head advisor's office for information about getting advising assistance. In some cases the listed advisor will assist you; in other cases you may be referred to the appropriate advisor. It is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor(s) at least once per term. When registering for OSU courses you will need to get a Registration PIN (Personal Identification Number) from your OSU advisor; in some cases you will need a number each term.

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