When will I be billed?

LBCC - A statement/bill is mailed approximately one week after your initial registration. If you add or drop classes after receiving an initial bill, you will not receive an additional bill. If you need an updated balance due, please call the touch-tone registration system at 541-917-4991 and press 2 for billing options. Then press 1 for balance due information. To determine your balance due on the Web, go to http://www.linnbenton.edu/go/webrunner. You may also call 541-917-4312 during normal business hours to receive balance due information.

OSU - All billing for currently enrolled students is processed electronically through eBill. eBill statements are processed on the fifth of each month for students who have current activity resulting in an account balance or credit. Students are sent an email to their ONID email account when their statement is ready to view and can view their eBill statement online at http://mybill.oregonstate.edu.

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