What are the academic standards for financial aid?

Federal Regulation requires students who receive financial aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards completing a financial aid eligible degree or certificate at LBCC.  In other words, you are expected to pass the classes you register for at LBCC each quarter.  SAP passing grades are:  A, B, C, D, and P (Pass). 

Grades that are NOT considered passing are:  F, NP (No Pass), IN (incomplete), W (withdraw), Y (no basis for grade), WP (work in progress), and AU (audit).

Students who apply for financial aid at LBCC receive an initial SAP review prior to being awarded.  Also, SAP reviews are completed at the end of each quarter that aid is received.  If you are a student who has been attending without financial aid assistance but decides to apply for aid, your prior coursework will be part of the SAP review.

In simple words, all courses that you take at LBCC will be part of your SAP review regardless of whether or not financial aid assistance was received.


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