Tractor Safety Training

Tractor Safety Training

The Tractor & Farm Machinery Safety course is required for students age 14 to 18 who work with tractors and other farm machinery in Oregon.  Students receive classroom safety instruction and hands-on tractor driving experience with farm implements.  A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of this course.

Quick Facts:

Academic admissions standards: Students must be a least 14 years of age to register.

Enrollment in high school required: No

Referral or permission required: No

Regular LBCC classes or special program classes: Regular LBCC non-credit class

Other restrictions: Student and parent must sign Liability Waiver/Indemnification Form within 24 hours of required preregistration.

Enrollment limit: 60

Cost: $76.50 plus a $20 lab fee

LBCC Contact: Albany Community Education, 917-4840

To browse current class offerings, go to our Schedule of Classes, select the term and search for "Tractor Safety" or visit the Vehicle Safety page.

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