What programs do you offer International Students?

LBCC is fully accredited by the Northwest Commissions on Colleges and Universities http://www.nwccu.org/ and is the fifth largest community college in the state of Oregon. LBCC offers the first two years of a normal four-year bachelor’s degree program. Students who attend LBCC can prepare themselves to transfer to a four-year institution by completing the lower division courses at LBCC instead of at a university. (Note: It may take longer than two years if developmental or pre-requisite courses are required.)

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Please note: not all programs are available to international students, please contact InternationalAdmissions @linnbenton.edu or,

Christine Baker at 541-917-4813 or Kim Sullivan 541-917-4847

For more information about our degrees

Why LBCC? Meet some of our International Students and see why LBCC is a great fit for you! 

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