What is Destination Graduation?

Destination Graduation started in the fall of 2012 with 73 sections and about 1,220 students attending class.

This one-credit, five-week course is designed to help students be successful. Students learn strategies for college success, become familiar with campus resources, establish a relationship with their advisor and develop an education plan for their college career.

Students are provided course-books at no cost. Class was designed to lead to higher retention rates, and to more students graduating with degrees and certificates. While class is only one credit hour, the class is packed with as much information in the curriculum as possible.

The idea behind DG is that long-term planning will help students be more successful - which is what DG is all about. 

In DG, students will learn what to expect in college, study tips for math and other classes, time management, and how to use many of the resources and online tools at LBCC. Destination Graduation will end with each student knowing their assigned Academic Advisor, and having their first advising appointment set up to register for the term.

Destination Graduation is required for all incoming new students.  If you wish to speak to someone to waive registration, contact Admissions at 541-917-4811 for more information. 

Need to register for DG but can't find it?  It is in the Schedule of Classes we post online, under the "D" section labeled "Destination Graduation". 

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